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Herkules Olam
Biographical Information
Aliases "The Greek"
Gender Male
Born July 28, 1959
Sarajevo, Serbia
Died May 14, 2008
Little Italy, NYC
Affiliation Albanian Mob Albanians
Title(s) Capo
Herkules Olam was a Capo of the Albanians, a New York City gang that controlled Little Bay. Olam was a brutal murderer and a successful poker player, which eventually led to his death at the hands of Cosimo Gambito, his client.

Biography Edit

Olam was from Sarajevo, Serbia, and his family came over to America in 1972, after Olam's father Kordoran became a business partner with the Little Bay Muts, an Albanian gang that controlled several businesses there. Herkules witnessed his father be murdered by the Italian Mafia, so he joined the Albanians, a rival gang that controlled other parts of Little Bay, in NYC. Olam became the right-hand man of Trashaman Pudje, who was an Albanian gangster who was notorious for being ruthless and corpulent. Olam developed an obsession for gambling, and won tons of money from gamblers at nightclubs and strip bars. In 1997, however, he lost tons of money to Cosimo Gambito, a Poker hustler, and he found out that Gambito had cheated over $2,500 from him; he bribed the dealer to give him the "good cards". Olam put up with Gambito, and they became known as the best poker players in New York City, but in 2008, he beat him in a poker match, and Gambito claimed that the $4,500 he owed him was at his house. Gambito asked for five days, so Olam reluctantly accepted. However, when Olam drove to East Houston Street to meet with Gambito to take his debt money, he was ambushed by Ancelotti crime family gunmen hired by Gambito, and his car window was filled with bullet holes, killing Olam. His other five companions in two separate cars were also killed.

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