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Hillside Posse

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The Hillside Posse, known also as the Jamaican Posse, or Yardies, are a gang that operate mainly in Flatbush, Brooklyn, in New York City. Their leader is Real Badman, a cocaine dealer. The Yardies are allied to the Spanish Lords and Petrovic crime family, while they are enemies of the Bulgarin crime family, Faustin crime family, Rascalov crime family, Nuclear Posse, and The Lost MC.

History Edit

Jamaican mobster

A Jamaican Mafia associate.

The Hillside Posse's roots lay in the 1930s out of Rastafarian Jamaican immigrants that formed gangs and fought against other mobs to take control of NYC. However, Teafore Maxwell-Davis, also known as "Real Badman", founded the gang in 1980, during the rise of cocaine in America. Badman became a crack-cocaine dealer and his gang became centered at the Homebrew Cafe, from which he led the drug wars in which he took over most of Flatbush. The Hillside Posse fought against the Bulgarin crime family, Faustin crime family, and Rascalov crime family, three Russian Mafia families who dominated the narcotics distribution, as well as the Nuclear Posse, a rival Jamaican drug gang. The Lost MC biker gang was also an enemy of the Hillside Posse, rivaling them over the control of territory and the drug trade. On many occasions, The Lost MC biker Johnny Klebitz destroyed some of their vehicles, wiped out their gangs while they were hanging out, or ambushing their convoys and killing all of the gangsters. The Hillside Posse hired famed gunman Niko Bellic to assist Badman on three occasions, and in another incident, Bellic piled up the corpses of several Russian mobsters, who were attempting to intimidate Badman.

The Jamaican Mafia controlled not only Flatbush but also parts of Prospect Heights, Queens, and Jamaica, where some of their associates hung around. The Hillside Posse had allies in the Colony Island Gang, the Northern Gardens Boyz, the Spanish Lords, and the Petrovic crime family, and their drug dealers reached as far west as Colony Island.

Family Edit

Boss: Teafore Maxwell-Davis

Underboss: Jacob Hughes

Capos: Big Albert (deceased), Benjamin Lord, and Little Albert

Soldiers: Skinny Bart, Fat Logan, Arleigh WilliamsJon Mason (deceased), McKnight Saunders (deceased), Mohammed Goodman (deceased), and Chuck James

Gallery Edit

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