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Jamaican Flag

Flag of Jamaica, used as the HSM's smybol.

The Hop-Scotch Mafia is the nickname given to the Jamaican Mafia, also known as the HSM or Jamaican Posse, but the Yardies are a gang, not a part of the Mafia. The HSM operate not only in Britain, but also in Queens and Brooklyn, New York City.

History Edit

Jamaican Mafia

Jamaican Mafia associates

Hillside Posse

Hillside Posse enforcers

The Hop-Scotch Mafia were founded back in the 1950s in Jamaica, England and the United States, or other countries with considerable Jamaican populations. The major families are the One Order Gang and the Jamaican Clanzmen in Spanishtown in Jamaica, but the Hillside Posse are a strong gang in Queens in the USA's New York City, along with the Colony Island Gang, Hematite Street Gang, Little Bay Gang, and the Northern Gardens Boyz. There are 30,000 Jamaicans in the USA, and do not have an organized structure like the Mafia, but rely on street corner politics.

The Jamaican Mafia were enemies of the Faustin crime family, Bulgarin crime family, and Rascalov crime family, and were allies of the Petrovic crime family and the Spanish Lords. The Jamaicans were known for following the Rastafarian movement, and the qualities of Rastafari movement were that that could not drink alcohol, had dreadlocks, and many of them spoke with a Patois accent. They also smoked ganja, and were famous for being involved with the drug trade and being drug addicts. The Jamaican Yardies were involved in the Drug Wars, fighting the Lopez Cartel and other syndicates for control of large amounts of cocaine, from hijacking boats and vans to flying off with a cocaine-loaded Maverick helicopter, or interrupting a drug deal with a firefight and stealing the cash and drugs.

The HSM were known for viciousness in their murders in both public and in prison, and the Jamaican Posse controlled several poor areas in Jamaica, such as Port Royal, Spanishtown, and Kingston. Their most famous leader was One Order Gang leader Andrew "Bun Man" Hope, whose murder on February 8, 2006, caused rioting the next day.

Families Edit

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