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Chase Point dealer

Mori Kibbutz and Luis Lopez talking with Bill Weimer.

The Hunts Point Gang was a gang of 16 drug dealers that had their base at Hunts Point, The Bronx, in New York City, led by Bill Weimer. They were associated with Mori Kibbutz until in 2008, Kibbutz ripped them off, and since they refused to pay him, Mori and Luis Lopez headed down to the Chase Point pier and killed all of them.

History Edit

The Hunts Point Gang was founded in the 1970s out of cocaine dealers, who traded drugs with the Jamaican Mafia, Italian Mafia, Russian Mafia, and Albanians. Their biggest supplier was Mori Kibbutz, a Jewish merchant who owned Kibbutz in Israel and many other companies. However, in 2008, Bill Weimer, the leader of the gang, stopped paying Kibbutz because he was ripping them off with his scam products, and Kibbutz and his hired gun Luis Lopez headed down to the pier to collect their payment. Weimer ordered his guards to kill them both, but Weimer and his minions were killed. The last survivors tried to flee on three motorboats, but these were blown up by sticky bombs. 

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