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Ivan Bytchkov
Ivan Bytchkov
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born January 14, 1966
Smolensk, Soviet Union
Died May 3, 2008
Brighton Beach, New York City
Affiliation Russian Mafia Faustin
Title(s) Associate
Ivan Bytchkov is a Russian mobster who is associated with Niko Bellic after the Faustin crime family, who were formerly his employers, tried to murder him.

Biography Edit

Bytchkov was born in Smolensk in the USSR, but he immigrated to the United States in the early 1990s, and became associated with the Russian Mafia boss Mikhail Faustin. He resided in Brooklyn's Brighton Beach, and committed burglaries for the Faustin crime family. Bytchkov was arrested in 2000 for embezzlement and in 2004 for his heists that he planned out and executed.

In 2008, Bytchkov angered Don Faustin, so he ordered Capo Vladimir Glebov to execute him. Bytchkov attempted to rob Faustin associate Roman Bellic, the cousin of Nikolai Bellic, who was sent by Glebov to murder Bytchkov. Bytchkov tried to flee Bellic in his car, and escaped through a construction site, and while leaping across buildings, Bellic put him down with five Carbine shots as he was running across the rooftop.

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