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Russian Underboss
Ivan Rascalov
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born April 2, 1945
Kharkov, Russia
Died July 1, 2008
Outlook, Brooklyn, New York City
Affiliation Rascalov crime family
Title(s) Consigliere
Ivan Rascalov was the cousin of Dimitri Rascalov and the Consigliere of the Rascalov crime family, from 1990 to 2008, when he was murdered.

Biography Edit

Rascalov was born in Kharkov, Russia, the cousin of Dimitri Rascalov, the future boss of the Rascalov crime family. Rascalov's father was killed in World War II in early 1945 in the Polish Campaign, but by then, his mother had been pregnant. He was brought up as Ivan Petrovska, taking his mother's name, but he changed his name back to Rascalov at the age of eighteen. In 1964, he graduated from Kiev University and became a lawyer, and his younger cousin, Dimitri, employed him as his lawyer in 1985, when he founded the Rascalov syndicate. In 1990, they made the move to America, and Rascalov became the Consigliere of the Rascalov family. Rascalov was wounded in a car bombing by the Faustin crime family in 1999, and was hospitalized for a year, before being released into average life again. He legally supervised the many mob wars that occured in New York City between Rascalov and his enemies, suing the other families while defending his family against criminal cases.

Since Rascalov was a key part of the Rascalov crime family, he was a key target for The Lost MC, a biker gang that wanted to expand its influence throughout New York. Johnny Klebitz, the leader of the Lost Brotherhood, killed Rascalov and three other Russian mobsters as they cruised around The Outlook, a neighborhood in Brooklyn. Rascalov was succeeded as consigliere by Mikhail Orlov.

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