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Jack Wilkes
Biographical Information
Aliases "Jackie Boy"
Gender Male
Born 1951
Died 1983
Little Havana, Miami
Affiliation Diaz Bros Diaz Bros
Title(s) Associate
Jack Wilkes was an associate of the Diaz Cartel, running a drug network. He was known as "Jackie Boy" because of his young age when he began selling drugs, but was eventually murdered by Tony Montana.

Biography Edit

Jack Wilkes was born in 1951 in Miami, to two desperate African-American parents. He became involved with organized crime as a young man, and traded drugs for a living. In 1970, at the age of nineteen, he began shooting cocaine, and in 1971, began trading it. He had at most $1,000 by 1983, and was still out on the streets selling drugs for the Diaz Cartel, a Colombian drug cartel. He began trading with Tony Montana, the "King" of Miami, who was coming out of a financial crisis following his supposed death. Wilkes traded 100 grams of cocaine with Montana one day, giving him all of his money. However, Montana wanted his money back and his drugs back when he found out that Wilkes was working with the Diaz Bros, and Montana blew his head off with a sawed-off shotgun. He stole his cocaine and money back, and fled the scene, packing both law heat and gang heat; the Diaz Brothers lost one of their vital drug dealers.

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