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Plinio Ottaviano
Jackson Brown
Biographical Information
Aliases Jackie
Gender Male
Born June 3, 1968
Union City, New Jersey
Died November 23, 2008
Jersey City, New Jersey
Affiliation Mafia Pegorino Family
Title(s) Associate
Jackson "Jackie" Brown was an African-American businessman who was associated with the Italian Mafia Pegorino crime family. Brown was a key figure in the cocaine distribution, and worked with Steven Pavarino. Since they were loyal to the Pegorino Family, Brown and Pavarino were murdered in 2008 by The Lost MC.

Biography Edit

Brown was born to an African-American family in Union City, and his father worked with a car dealership. Brown became a member of the Pegorino crime family because he wanted to make money on the side of his job as an office worker for the Bank of Liberty, and he worked as an accountant. Brown was involved heavily with the drug trade, but never developed an addiction, and was nearly a legitimate businessman had it not been for his underworld connections. Brown worked with Steven Pavarino as drug dealers, and Brown became rich, making $50,000 a month.

In 2008, Brown was murdered by The Lost MC, a biker gang whose Chapter President Johnny Klebitz had a vendetta against the Pegorino Capo Ray Boccino. Brown was killed alongside Pavarino, pursued out of an alleyway by Klebitz's black sedan, and they were repeatedly run over by his car underneath the traffic light on Asahara Road. His head was shot by Klebitz to verify his death.

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