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Jackson Hewitt
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1965
Miami, Florida
Died 1983
Little Havana, Miami
Affiliation Diaz Bros Diaz Bros
Title(s) Diaz Bros
Jackson Hewitt was an African-American drug dealer from the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami, who was murdered in 1983 in a drug deal.

Biography Edit

Hewitt was born to Elisa Hewitt and Carlos Gutierrez. He was of mixed Cuban and African ancestry. His family was impoverished by the time they moved to America. When he was ten, his mother was abandoned by his father, and he changed his last name. He resided in the Little Havana area, where he met with the Diaz Gang, a drug cartel from Colombia, and decided to make a better life for himself, but in reality, joined in with the wrong crowd. He got his hands on cocaine when he was in high school, and he dropped out. He could make enough scratch to purchase a basketball jersey, but earned enough money in 1983 to become a drug dealer. He traded money for cocaine, and was a famous supplier. Hewitt had over $1,000 by September, and began trading drugs with Tony Montana and the Montana Cartel. He was drained of money, and a greedy Montana murdered him in the back alley of JCA Bank, taking back his drug money and all of Hewitt's money, making himself richer.

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