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2008 Kearny Gang War
[[Image:Jamaican Mafia|275px|Jamaican-Lost MC War]]
Conflict: NYC Gang Wars
Date: May 20, 2008
Place: Kearny, New Jersey
Outcome: Biker victory

The Lost MC

Hillside Posse


Johnny Klebitz

Real Badman


3 bikers

8 men



all killed

The Jamaican-Lost MC War was a gang war that occurred in 2008 when the Lost MC biker gang attempted to take over the township of Kearny from the Hopskotch Mafia. The Lost MC killed 8 Jamaicans, ending the war.

War Edit

Shortly after Johnny Klebitz became acting President of The Lost MC club, his club began to fall under threat from many enemies. One of them was the Hillside Posse, a faction of the Jamaican Mafia that controlled Kearny, a predominantly Black neighborhood. Klebitz and his friends, riding on motorcycles, killed four Jamaicans, with two of them driving each of the cars that were attacked. Then, they chased the rest of the Hillside Posse down to a basketball court and gunned them down, taking over the neighborhood.

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