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James Coughlin
James Coughlin
Biographical Information
Aliases Jem
Gender Male
Born January 7, 1971
Charleston, Boston
Died August 9, 2010
Fenway Park, Boston
Affiliation Colm Gang
James? "Jem" Coughlin was a career criminal and professional bank robber, who was most famous for committing the 2010 Fenway Park Heist, where he was killed, shot twice in the head and? once in the chest.

Biography Edit

James Coughlin was born in Charlestown, Boston, to poor parents, being raised in the poor, blue-collar community of the city. He became friends with Doug MacRay, another poor kid, and his family took him in when his mother became hooked on drugs and committed suicide. MacRay's first known criminal act occured in his teens, when he shot a teenager named Brendan who wanted to kill his friend for unknown reasons. Coughlin shot Brendan near a local store, and Brendan wandered off one block to a graveyard, where he ironically died. Coughlin served nine years, all for protecting his buddy.

When he was released, he joined? up with the mob of Fergie Coln, which MacRay was involved with. MacRay fell for Coughlin's drug-addicted sister Krista, who had a daughter from an unknown boyfriend. Coughlin soon befriended Albert Magloan and Desmond Elden, two soldiers for Colm's criminal organization. He developed a trait of tenacity, using excessive violence, while MacRay never killed a person in his life. Coughlin especially used violence when he began robbing banks, robbing two banks and six armored cars with Colm's gang. He was maddened when MacRay fell in love with bank manager Claire Keesey, whose bank they robbed (Keesey did not know that MacRay was the robber). Coughlin nevertheless convinced MacRay to stay in Charlestown once Keesey discovered his identity, and they committed the greatest crime of the century so far: the Fenway Park Heist, stealing money from the Red Sox.

James Coughlin cop

James Coughlin, dressed as a police officer, shoots at the SWAT teams.

Colm planned a robbery of Fenway Park while a baseball game against the New York Yankees was happening, and the whole gang took part in it. Coughlin and MacRay went into the vault dressed as cops, and they took the $3 million without a fight, despite them handcuffing the real security guards who were guarding the entrance to the vault. However, the FBI led by agent Adam Frawley attacked the parking garage where the ambulance driven by Magloan was (used as the getaway vehicle and the car to carry the cash), and a shootout with the SWAT began. MacRay was wounded when the battle carried on to the streets, and rather than serve more years in jail, came into the center of the crossfire with his guns and tried to shoot the police, but was shot twice in the head and many times in the chest.

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