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James Magden
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born August 30, 1980
Triboro, Queens
Died September 8, 2008
Astoria, Queens
Affiliation Angels of Death
Title(s) Biker Lieutenant
James Magden was an American biker who was affiliated with the Angels of Death gang. In September 2008, he was murdered in a firefight with The Lost MC in Astoria.

Biography Edit

Magden was born in Triboro, Queens, to a poor family with roots in Ireland. As a youth, Magden tagged everything from apartment walls to school busses with Angels of Death signs, as he was obsessed with the gang and wanted to join it ever since he turned seventeen. In 2001, he was initiated as a "Brother" in the Angels of Death, and he became a Lieutenant in the Gang.

In September 2008, Magden and ten friends were cruising around Astoria on their bikes when the AOD's traditional rivals, The Lost MC, ambushed them, as they were in the middle of a violent gang war that raged all across New York City and northeastern New Jersey. Magden was killed alongside all of his fellow posse members, and the Lost fled on their motorcycles, leaving a heap of bikes and corpses on the street.

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