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Montana enforcer
James Rockwell
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born May 18, 1946
Miami, Florida
Affiliation Montana Montana Cartel
Title(s) Enforcer
James Rockwell is an American former career criminal who was an enforcer in the Montana Cartel during the Miami Drug Wars of 1980-1984.

Biography Edit

Rockwell was born to a poor family, and as a young adult, was involved in street crime, serving as a hired gun. He was approached by Tony Montana, and was impelemented into the Montana Cartel as an enforcer, patrolling Miami to get rid of hostile cartels. In 1983, he was nearly killed in a drive-by shooting by three Gomez Cartel muscle cars following his murder of six drug dealers and the robbery of their money and cocaine, and he killed the attackers, but he was shot several times with SMG fire.

His next job was to rough up some gang members, but keep them alive so that they know the might of the Montana Cartel. He beat up one of the Gomez cartel members in Downtown Miami in between two buildings, and then another one (from the Contreras Cartel) behind Smele Ministries, being paid $10,000 for the job, cash which he relayed back to Montana, along with 465 grams of cocaine, ending his job.

Rockwell continued guarding the streets, but did not do any more hit tasks for Montana, and he retired from being a gunman in 1990, and nobody knew his murders for a while, until he was arrested after Simon Ferriera, the gangster he beat up, complained to the police. He served five years in federal prison for assault, as nobody had enough evidence to prove that he had killed the drug dealers, but serves a life sentence because they found out that he possessed cocaine.

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