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Jimmy Yung
Biographical Information
Aliases Keoteo
Gender Male
Born March 8, 1961
Koreatown, New Jersey
Died November 17, 2008
Weehawken Harbor, New York City
Affiliation Korean Mob
Title(s) Enforcer
James "Keoteo" Yung was a Korean-American gangster who was a member of the Korean Mafia. He was killed in 2008 by The Lost MC at the docks of Weehawken.

Biography Edit

Jimmy Yung was born to Korean parents Kim-Jong Yung and Nia-Zhou Ming, who were of North Korean origin. Yung worked at Mr. Washee-Washee's Dry Cleaner as a young man, but since he made little money, he quit his job and joined the Korean Mob, a gang in Koreatown, Jersey City. Yung became an enforcer who was known as "Keoteo" ("Cutter") for the knife he carried around.

Yung was a brutal mobster, and acted as the main hitman of the Koreans. He was responsible for the murder of Gambetti crime family enforcer Bud "Lucky" Esperanti, slicing his throat as they were driving in a car to supposedly go fishing; instead, Esperanti slept with the fishes. Yung was arrested in 1990 for murder, and in 1995 for extortion, while he was also a regular cocaine user who murdered drug dealers and took their money.

Yung's terror reign ended in 2008 in Weehawken Harbor when biker gang leader Johnny Klebitz shot Yung, since the Koreans and bikers were on bad terms. Yung was killed by shots from a PM63, dropping his signature knife and $500 in scattered bills, both of which were collected by Klebitz before he fled the scene.

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