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Hsin Jaoming

Straw Sandal Chan Jaoming and Mountain Master Hsin Jaoming.

The Jaoming Triad is a Chinese organized crime syndicate that is one of the New York City Triads. Their most famous leader is current boss Hsin Jaoming, a 76 year-old crime boss who resides in Lower East Side, Manhattan. The Jaoming Family is allied to the Angels of Death, Lee Triad, Ming Triad, Messina crime family, and Wonsu Nodong, and is enemies with The Lost MC and the Lopez Cartel.

History Edit

The Jaoming Triad is one of three Triads in Chinatown: the others are the Lee Triad and Ming Triad. Hsin Jaoming was the elderly leader, founding the famaily in 1965. He led a powerful crime family, which became the most powerful in all of New York City. It had territory in the Lower East Side and in Chinatown. The Jaoming Family had a leadership struggle in 2009 after Hsin was reported to be dying, and his allies fought for control of his family before he would die. Zhou Ming and his son Chan Jaoming were both killed by Huang Lee, since they were suspected to be FBI rats, but his uncle Wu Lee was the real rat, and he was the last successor in line. Huang killed Wu Lee, but not after Hsin Jaoming was near-fatally stabbed in the chest with a knife, and he was narrowly brought back to good health.

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