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Jason's Justice Givers (also known as 'JJG's' for short or 'Jason's SJW's (social justice warriors)) is currently the most "violent" and "destructive" group in the western world. This group is officially responsible for destroying Sweden, Germany, San Francisco, US and the entire province of British Columbia, Canada.

The official antagonism of JJG's is patriarchy, and the protagonist is political correctness. All in all though, JJG's are terrorists and can be found raging all over the internet.

How to beat JJG's into SubmissionEdit

  • Please and beg the right-winger, Frank Kenson, to start a nuclear war on them.
  • Tell them there are only 2 genders.
  • Fight them back with memes they label as "hate" symbols.
  • Using all their hypocritical statements against them.
  • Telling them the truth (you know exactly what the truth is).

Equality? I think notEdit

While most dictionaries and people like to claim JJG's fight for equality, this is no longer the case. In fact, the whole feminism system they fallow was no longer the case after 1990. Most JJG's and their brethren SJW's today like to scream sexist at everything, and attribute everything to patriarchy.

Jason's MarxismEdit

They usually believe to be Marxists to have a generic explanation for their understanding of "equality", although Marxism has practically nothing to do with the political stuff they are practising. Whilst Marxism concerns the rich and poor, at least by Mikhail Chachovich's standards, Jason's boys replace the rich with men, who have all privilege, and replace the poor with the women, who are all oppressed.

Known membersEdit


1. Thou shalt not manspread nor mansplain.

2. Thou shalt teach men - and only men - not to rape.

3. Thou shalt listen and believe.

4. Thine name shalt not be Hugh Mungus.

5. Thou shalt be the victim, but also empowered

6. Thou shalt dye thy hair red or blue, depending on thine rank in JJG's.

7. Thou shalt find everything a man does oppressive and everything a woman does empowering.

8. Thou shalt check thy privilege!

9. Thou must be triggered whenever anything relating men is brought up

10. Thou shalt not be cis-gendered, white, or male, or thus can trigger all SJW's.

10. Thou shalt accept all gazillion genders.

11. Thou shalt shame straight men for being straight and make gay men superior to everyone.

12. Thou shalt not like Kenson.

13. Thou shalt not disagree with me, otherwise thou shalt be labelled as a Nazi.

Theme SongEdit

Chris Ray Gun and Rucka Ali - Punch a Nazi (JJG's theme, it actually goes against them)05:01

Chris Ray Gun and Rucka Ali - Punch a Nazi (JJG's theme, it actually goes against them)

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