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Jason Michaels
Jason Michaels
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born July 3, 1979
Jersey City, New Jersey
Died May 11, 2008
Meadows Park, Queens
Affiliation The Lost MC
Title(s) Enforcer
Jason Michaels was an American biker who was a member of The Lost MC gang's Jersey City chapter. In 2008, he was killed by the Faustin crime family for sleeping with Anna Faustin, the daughter of Mikhail Faustin.

Biography Edit

Michaels was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, in 1979. He joined The Lost MC in 1997, when he was arrested for Grand Larceny, and in 1999, he was arrested for hijacking, then in 2003 for possessing a controlled substance. He became a good friend of club Vice President Johnny Klebitz and President Billy Grey, and became a high-level enforcer for their gang and a pimp who ran some prostitution brothels owned by The Lost. He began to date Anna Faustin, the young and beautiful daughter of Mikhail Faustin, the Don of the Faustin crime family, so she ran away from home to be with him.

Mikhail Faustin put him on his hit list, and the murder was carried out by Nikolai Bellic, an associate of the Faustin Family. He was meeting with Anna at Coney Island, when Bellic approached him, and he told him to get away from Mr. Faustin's daughter, but Michaels drove away on his bike, chased by Bellic. He succeeded in gathering a few other bikers near Hollis, and in a small area of trees in Meadows Park, he made his stand with his friends. Bellic killed all of them, and shot Jason twice in the left shoulder and neck, finishing him off; he was already wounded from some Micro-Uzi shots during the bike chase.

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