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Jeb Dougherty
Jeb Dougherty
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born March 18, 1929
Queens, New York City
Died April 12, 2001
Astoria, Queens
Affiliation CR Carmine Rosato
Title(s) Associate
Jeb Dougherty was a nightclub employee and associate of Carmine Rosato, who worked for Warren Rizzo, the boss of Sweet Life Bakery.

Biography Edit

Dougherty was from Queens, born of Irish ancestry. He became a nightclub operator, working for Warren Rizzo by guarding the back door of the Sweet Life Bakery which led to a brothel. In 1959, he was forced to let Dominic, the new boss of the Trapani crime family, enter the back room, on pain of death, and Dominic took over the racket from Rosato. Dougherty retired from this job afterwards, and lived in Astoria until his death.

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