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Jimmy Manzano
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born January 2, 1953
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
Died September 1, 2001
DUMBO, New York City
Affiliation Forelli crime family
Title(s) Associate
Jimmie Manzano was an associate of the Forellis, and worked for Capo David Provenzano. Manzano was killed by the Diablos in 2001 when Claude Speed was hired to kill Manzano and many other Forelli associates in DUMBO.

Biography Edit

Manzano was born in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, to an Italian family. Manzano joined the Italian Mafia in 1980, and he became an enforcer in the Forelli crime family. He became an associate in 1996, and murdered several of the Leone crime family enforcers during the Forelli-Leone War. In 2001, Manzano threatened to murder one of El Burro's pornography actresses, unless they got a cut of the money. Manzano was murdered by Claude Speed when he drove an ice cream truck to a Forelli warehouse and then blew up the warehouse, killing Manzano and many other Forelli associates.

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