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Jimmy Brown
Jimmy Brown
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born April 2, 1980
Queens, New York City
Died May 1, 2008
Brighton Beach, Brooklyn
Affiliation M.O.B.
Title(s) Associate
Jimmy Brown was an associate of the M.O.B. who was a gangster in debt of Faustin crime family Capo Vladimir Glebov. He was murdered in 2008 by Faustin gunman Niko Bellic.

Biography Edit

Brown was born to an African-American family from Queens in New York City. Brown became a gangster at a young age, and joined M.O.B., a black gang. Brown was in debt to Mikhail Faustin in 2008, and did not pay off his debts, which he used to purchase a Blista Compact. Capo Vladimir Glebov ordered his associate Niko Bellic to cancel the debts by stealing his car in return, and Brown was ran over by Bellic when he stole it. Either way, Glebov got the money, and the car.

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