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Jimmy Guidalatto
Jimmy Guidalatto
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born September 3, 1923
Midtown, New York City
Died February 17, 1959
Queens, New York City
Affiliation CR Carmine Rosato's Family
Title(s) Soldier
Jimmy Guidalatto was an American petty thief and a mobster who was affiliated with Carmine Rosato and his gang, becoming initiated into his family in 1959 when it separated from the Corleone crime family. Guidalatto was involved in several attacks on Corleone businesses during the mob war of 1959, and was killed in retaliation.

Biography Edit

Jimmy Guidalatto was born in Midtown to Italian immigrant parents who came from Sicily. When he was sixteen, he was charged with robbing a bank in Midtown, and was on the run for a while. In 1959, he stopped fleeing the NYPD when he was initiated into Carmine Rosato's criminal organization in Queens, and became a Soldier. Guidalatto fought in the mob war with the Corleone crime family that year, and was hospitalized after being shot twice with a shotgun in a failed attack on Sweet Life Bakery on February 15, 1959. All of his enforcers were wet with blood in the attack, most of them killed. He was discharged from the hospital on February 16, returning to his duties as a mobster.

NYC gambler Lewis Davanzatti met with Corleone Capo Dominic when encountered him while driving to the Corleone Compound, and Dominic beat down Davanzatti's old girlfriend in exchange for the knowledge of Guidalatto's location: the Spicher Waterfront high-rises. Dominic murdered Harry De Luca, Guidalatto's bodyguard, and threw Guidalatto into the East River, drowning him.

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