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John Arcotti
Biographical Information
Aliases "The Drugger"
Gender Male
Born October 18, 1963
The Bronx, New York City
Died July 22, 2008
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
Affiliation Mafia Pavanos
Title(s) Capo
John Arcotti was an Italian-American mobster who was a Caporegime for the New York City-based Pavano crime family. He was nicknamed "The Drugger" because he was heavily involved in the Drug Wars, and fought against the Spanish Lords, Russian Mafia, and the Ancelotti crime family over the cocaine trade. In 2008, he was murdered in a drug war by Luis Lopez.

Biography Edit

Arcotti was born in a predominantly Italian neighborhood in The Bronx to Charles and Maria Arcotti. Arcotti was of mixed Sicilian and Neapolitan origin, but fortunately for him, these were both ethnic groups that the Mafia were limited to. He attended the vicious New York City Public Schools, and was bullied by Irish and African-American students, so he was part of some gangs when he was a kid. Arcotti was charged with First degree murder in 1980 when he was in high school, killing an Irish student Michael O'Hara with a switchblade. He was sent to jail for five years, commuted from 10 years to life. When he was released, he was approached by Don Samuele Pavano himself, who said that "(Arcotti) did what was right. It is every Italian's duty to get rid of his enemies and live life to the fullest". Arcotti became a soldier in the Pavano family under Capo Mario Valvona, who became the boss when Pavano died in 1989, and Arcotti replaced Valvona as Capo that year. Arcotti's regime was made up of the younger generations, including Mario Leopoldi and Andrew Caserta.

He soon became involved in the drug trade, and allegedly developed an addiction to cocaine. He was sent to rehab, where he denied any personal involvement with the drugs that he pushed onto the streets and onto Black Market dealers, and evaded drug possession charges in 1998. Arcotti's crew supported the distribution operation that was pursued by the Italian Mafia, and in 2008, Arcotti and Caserta were killed in a car chase by Luis Lopez, a member of the Ancelotti crime family, in Prospect Heights in Brooklyn. The car, with cocaine stored in the trunk, was driven to Jackson Heights at a drop-off, where Lopez, Armando Torres, and Henrique Bardas were paid in full cash for their deed.

Arcotti's body was thrown out of the car when Lopez hijacked it, and passers-by who witnessed the gunfight called the NYPD. The Police found the dead bodies and transported it to a local morgue, where they identified it as the body of Arcotti. A funeral was held on October 20, at a crematorium.

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