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Johnny Ola
Johnny Ola
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born April 19, 1899
Milazzo, Sicily
Died December 31, 1959
Havana, Cuba
Affiliation Roth Syndicate
Title(s) Capo
Johnny Ola was a Sicilian-American mobster and the right-hand man of Hyman Roth in Miami. He was his representative at meetings, and because of this, he was a man that was important to Roth. On New Years' Eve 1958, he was murdered by his former allies, the Corleone crime family.

Biography Edit

Ola death

Bussetta kills Johnny Ola

Johnny Ola was born in the Sicilian town of Milazzo, on the nothern-eastern coast of the island, but moved to the United States when he was young. He became associated with Hyman Roth in Hell's Kitchen, New York City, and became his right-hand man. He was sent off to meetings representing Hyman Roth, and gained his trust, and was called Hyman Roth's "Sicilian messenger boy" by Frank Pentangeli, a Capo in the Corleone crime family who despised the friendly relationship between Michael Corleone and Roth.

Ola attended the Havana Conference in 1958, meeting with the Granados crime family, Mangano crime family, and other families. when Corleone found out about Roth's plot against his life earlier on, he had Ola strangled to death, but his assassin Amerigo Bussetta failed to kill Roth as well. Ola was on the balcony of the hotel that Roth was staying at, and as a breeze moved the drapes, he was garroted to death with a coat hanger.

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