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Johnny Roastbeef and Joanna Cafora
John Cafora
Biographical Information
Aliases Johnny Roastbeef
Gender Male
Died May 1979
Affiliation Lucchese crime family
Title(s) Associate
Johnny Roastbeef was a Lucchese associate who was best known for his murder along with his wife Joanna Cafora in 1979 after the Lufthansa Heist.

Biography Edit

Johnny Cafora was born in Queens, NYC. He became an associate of the Lucchese crime family, serving under Capo Paul Cicero. Johnny Roastbeef married Joanna, an Italian-American from his neighborhood. He took part in the Lufthansa Heist of 1979, where he assisted in the robbery of millions of dollars. He bought his wife a fancy car with his share of the cash. Cafora was soon targeted on the list of executions by fellow associate Jimmy Conway, who believed that his purchase of the pink Cadillac as a wedding gift to his wife would attract too much attention, and Johnny did so despite Jimmy telling him not to buy anything for a while. Roastbeef was shot in his wife's pink Cadillac under the trestle of the Long Island Railroad tracks near Richmond Hill, Queens, alongside his wife. Their bodies were found by playing children in the vacant lot a while after the shooting.

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