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Giovanni Tosca
Biographical Information
Aliases "Johnny-boy"
Gender Male
Born June 18, 1979
Kearney, New Jersey
Affiliation Mafia Pegorino Family
Title(s) Soldier
Johnny Tosca is an Italian-American mobster who was a soldier in the Pegorino crime family. He was one of the most well-trained and dangerous hitmen, but also performed other odd jobs for the Pegorino Family Capo Michael Frazone.

Biography Edit

Tosca was born in New Jersey in the neighborhood of Kearny to two Italian-American parents. Tosca was born to Alexander Tosca and Maria Bellana, both of whom were of a rich family. As a young man, Tosca was involved in gambling, and fell victim to loan-sharking. To pay off his debt to Marko Brevic, Tosca murdered the hitmen sent to kill him with a lead pipe, and he was able to keep his money. Tosca was approached by Mob Capo Michael Frazone, an elderly Sicilian man who was from Vizzini, Sicily, and he became very close to Frazone, in 2008.

Tosca's first job for the Pegorino Family was driving Frazone to three rackets around Jersey City, where he collected money from the proprietors. Tosca then dropped him off at his safehouse, and was paid $1,000. Tosca's next contract was assigned to him by Frazone again, telling him to beat down Christopher Tylers, who was a union boss who was responsible for covering up Messina crime family bombings of Pegorino rackets. He succeeded in intimidating Tylers, and he was paid $5,000.

His first murder occured on March 20, when he was hired by Capo Ray Boccino to murder Messina associate Louis Gravelli, responsible for the pressuring of Pegorino-affiliated drug dealers. Tosca then fled the NYPD, making his first encounter with the police. On April 1, he was arrested by the police, but was sentenced to two weeks of community service. Tosca returned on April 15, and he accepted more contracts from Frazone, which mainly involved driving Frazone around. However, he continued doing jobs for Boccino, involving murder.

Soon, Tosca became respected by pretty much every mobster in New Jersey, and became a threat to the Pegorino Family. Boccino wanted him to be put away, but Boccino's hired guns were killed, but not before revealing that he was sent by Ray. Tosca stole Boccino's car and dumped it into the West River, and took all of his money from the trunk. Boccino apologized to Tosca, but kept a steady eye on him. Tosca was ratted out by Boccino when he made an investigation into the drug trade going on in New York City, eventually, and was sentenced to 100 years in jail, a sentence he still serves.

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