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Jamaican Soldier
Jon Mason
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born October 2, 1973
Port Royal, Jamaica
Died August 6, 2008
East Borough Bridge, Manhattan
Affiliation Jamaican Mafia Hillside Posse
Title(s) Soldier
Jon Mason was a Jamaican gangster who was a Soldier in the Hillside Posse, a section of the Jamaican Mafia. Jon Mason was murdered in 2008 in a shootout with bikers on the East Borough Bridge.

Biography Edit

Jon Mason was born in 1973 in Port Royal, Jamaica, but his family moved that year, as they had made arrangements the year before, when their Rastafarian prophet Haile Selassie died in prison after a coup in Ethiopia. Mason learned English in elementary school, but was treated poorly, and was approached by the Jamaican Mafia leader Real Badman in 2000, after years of robbing street vendors and murdering bullies. Mason became a soldier under Little Albert, and in 2008, patrolled the Charge Island area. However, his convoy was ambushed and Mason was killed by The Lost MC.

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