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Joon Eun Han
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born December 24, 1962
Gangnam, South Korea
Died December 24, 2008
Koreatown, Bergen County, New Jersey
Affiliation Hangug-ui Mapia
Title(s) Soldier
Joon Eun Han was a Korean assassin who was a member of the Hangug-ui Mapia.

Biography Edit

Han was born in South Korea in 1962, but his family moved to the United States after political crises in 1969. Han became an assassin, and was accepted into the Hangug-ui Mapia criminal organization. He was a renowned assassin.

He was killed on his birthday in 2008 by The Lost MC, enemies of the Jopok. Han was cruising around Koreatown in New Jersey when Johnny Klebitz shot him through his front window with an M4A1 Carbine.

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