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Spanish Lords
Jose Chavez
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born April 18, 1980
Bergen County, New Jersey
Died November 15, 2008
Jersey City, New Jersey
Affiliation Spanish Lords
Title(s) Enforcer
Jose Chavez was a Puerto Rican gangster who was a member of the Spanish Lords gang. He was killed in 2008 by The Lost MC.

Biography Edit

Chavez was born to a Puerto Rican family in Bergen County, New Jersey. Chavez became a gangster as a teenager, hanging around dangerous youths who joined the Spanish Lords. Chavez soon became an enforcer for Manny Escuela in New Jersey, and was murdered in 2008.

His death occured on November 15 in Korea Town, next to New Jersey Realty (in the alleyway) when he drew an MP5 submachine gun on biker gang leader Johnny Klebitz, who killed him with fire from his own MP5, and the hot dog vendors who had just given Klebitz food ran off, along with bystanders. His body was thrown into a dumpster.

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