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Spanish Lords
Juan Carlos Medina
Biographical Information
Aliases J.C.
Gender Male
Born June 17, 1981
Ciudad Real, Spain
Died August 22, 2008
Jackson Heights, Queens
Affiliation Vagos Spanish Lords
Title(s) Associate
Juan Carlos Medina was a Hispanic-American gangster who was a member of the Spanish Lords, a gang of Hispanic gangsters who were based in Jackson Heights, Queens. Medina was killed in 2008.

Biography Edit

Medina was born in Ciudad Real, a city in Spain, and moved to America as a young man. He learned to speak English when he was in school in Queens, New York City, and soon became involved in Hispanic organized crime. He joined the Spanish Lords gang and developed a drug addiction, and in August 2008, he tried to steal a taxi driver's cab. However, The Lost MC biker Johnny Klebitz, who was exiting the hospital there, shot Medina several times with a handgun, taking over $500 from his dead body; his cash was spread all around his corpse. Klebitz then shot his friend, who tried to murder him.

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