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The KC Warehouse was a racket that was owned by the Barzini crime family. It was founded in 1945 when Virgil Sollozzo pushed drugs onto the streets, and the Barzinis needed a place to store their share of the narcotics. In 2000, Claybourne Agerton and the Jamaican Mafia took over the warehouse from the Barzini Capo Anthony Edmonte. The Northern Garden Boyz used this warehouse until 2008, when it was sold off to a private corporation.

History Edit

The KC Warehouse was founded by Kian Connolly in 1926, storing furniture there. It was abandoned by 1933, after Connolly lost all of his money. In 1945, the Barzini crime family took over the warehouse, where they stored their drugs. The Corleone crime family attacked the warehouse during the Five Families War, but they failed to steal anything, besides killing a few Barzini enforcers. The KC Warehouse was upgraded after 1955, as all of the other Barzini warehouses were taken over. It was transformed into the Midtown Crack Hub, and it was upgraded in size. In 2000, however, new Jamaican businessman Claybourne Agerton took over the warehouse, killing all of the guards. Anthony Edmonte, the Caporegime of the Barzini Family, was murdered in the attack, and the warehouse was stripped of all its cocaine and weapons, and was instead used to store vehicles. The KC Warehouse was filled with green-painted Jamaican Mob vehicles until 2008, when it closed following the death of Agerton. It was sold to Folasco Trucking Company.

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