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Kansas City Railroad Robbery
Conflict: Five Families War
Date: November 19, 1955
Place: Hell's Kitchen, NYC
Outcome: Money stolen

Trapani Trapani crime family

Cuneo Cuneo crime family


Aldo Trapani

Geremia Pizzano


5 men

10 men


3 men


The Kansas City Railroad Robbery was an armed robbery of a freight train filled with piles of money in 1955 that was a part of the Five Families War. The Trapani crime family stole thousands of dollars in cash from the Cuneo crime family, who owned the railroad.

Heist Edit

In 1955, it was reported that there was a large shipment of un-laundered money incoming from Kansas City, where the Cuneo owned various rackets. Since the Cuneo had too few businesses to launder the money, they wanted to send it back, but news came to rival Corleone crime family capo Peter Clemenza, who informed ally Aldo Trapani, giving him an opportunity to make quick money.

Trapani, leaving through the back exit of the Cuneo Compound, killed all of the Cuneo guards defending the train, and hopped into the freight car, stealing all $15,000 for himself.

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