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Korean Mob
Kim-gon Wan
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born April 12, 1980
Korea Town, New Jersey
Died November 15, 2008
Koreatown, New Jersey
Affiliation Korean Mob
Title(s) Enforcer
Kim-gong Wan was a Korean-American mobster who was affiliated with the Korean Mob. He was an enforcer whose base was in Jersey City, New Jersey, where he was murdered in 2008 in Korea Town by The Lost MC.

Biography Edit

Kim-gong Wan was born of a South Korean family who originated in Gangnam Province. Kim became affiliated with the Korean Mafia in 1998, and committed various murders, and became a high-level enforcer. He was a rich man because of all of the money that he had gained through extortion and robbery, and he carried around a Pump-Action Shotgun around with him at all times.

In November 2008, Kim-gong Wan was murdered by hostile bikers in Korea Town led by Johnny Klebitz, who drew an MP5 submachine gun. Kim-gong Wan shot three shotgun shells, one of them minorly wounding Klebitz, who shot back five times in single-round bursts, killing him. The NJPD arrived as the shootout ended, and they got into a small-scale gun battle with Klebitz until they were called off.

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