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Yeong-kil Kim

Yeong-kil Kim, head of the Kim Cartel and a government official of North Korea.

The Kim Cartel was a drug empire founded by Yeong-kil Kim, a North Korean government official who worked closely with President Choi Song.

History Edit

North Korean Foreign Minister Dung Hwangbo had his own unit, Division 39, made up of thugs and drug dealers. One of the officials was Yeong-kil Kim, who ran the drug cartel of Division 39. Typically, he forbade the use of drugs within his own organization, instead developing the agricultural and refinement technology necessary to create a domestic drug industry. Manufacturing primarily opium for heroin, 2008 estimates suggested Kim's organization provided as much as 22 percent of the heroin sold in Southeast Asia.

The Kim Cartel was destroyed when the United Nations invaded North Korea in 2009 during the "Song Initiative", where they tried to overthrow President Choi Song's regime. Yeong-kil Kim was killed at the Korean Demilitarized Zone by the UN troops, at a train wreck, and his organization crumbled.

Members Edit

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