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Korean Mob

Korean mobsters in Jersey City

The Kim crime family, also known as the Korean Mob, is an organized crime syndicate from North Korea that operates internationally, with connections in Ireland and the United States. Dealing mainly with counterfeiting money, they made a move to the USA in 2008 and set up a base in Jersey City, New Jersey.

History Edit

Kim-Young Guk

Kim Young-guk


Dead Korean gangsters

Led by Park Young-guk, the Kim crime family of North Korea branched out into Ireland and the United States. In the 1990s, they made contact with Irish Republican Army fighter Derrick McReary, who was a member of the McReary crime family (Irish Mob) in New York City. With his help, they decided to move to the United States and set up operations in New Jersey. In 2008, Park's son Kim Young-guk arrived in New York City with hundreds of fake dollar bills known as "Super Notes" on a speedboat, with Derrick McReary protecting him from the Albanian Mob as he arrived in the city. The North Korean mobsters found a base in Koreatown in Jersey City, New Jersey, where they took over fronts like Mr. Fuk's Rice Box and countless other ones in the neighborhood. They were weakened when Gambetti crime family Don John Gravelli sent his associate Niko Bellic to assassinate Kim Young-guk in Mr. Fuk's Rice Box, where a shootout between Niko and the mobsters left several Koreans dead. 

The Korean Mob took part not only in counterfeiting US dollars, but they were also involved in the drug trade of New York City and New Jersey. When they arrived in New York, they made connections and began to buy and sell marijuana, and they made a profit off of that business. Some of their drugs were stolen by Luis Lopez and his friends Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas, two amateur freelance drug pushers who were helped in the theft by their half-time hood friend Luis. 

The mob is friends with the McReary crime family, Spanish Lords, and New York Triads, while they are enemies of the Dominican drug gang in Washington Heights and the Gambetti crime family

Members Edit

Don: Park Young-guk

Underboss: Kim Young-guk

Soldier: Ok Byeong-ho

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