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Kip Lee
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born April 18, 1980
Koreatown, New Jersey
Died November 15, 2008
Koreatown, New Jersey
Affiliation Korean Mob
Title(s) Enforcer
Kip Lee was a Korean-American mobster who was an enforcer for the Korean Mob. In 2008, he was murdered in front of Thrush Boy Pharmacy.

Biography Edit

Lee was born to a North Korean family that immigrated to the United States in 1956, and he spoke full English and was fluent in Korean by the time he was in high school. Since he was poor, Lee became a gangster, hanging around with the Korean Mob. He walked around Koreatown, the capital of the Korean Mob, where he was killed by The Lost MC, a rival gang. Biker gang leader Johnny Klebitz shot him three times in the chest with an M1911 handgun next to a dumpster in the shadow of Thrush Boy Pharmacy, and proceeded to hide the body there.

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