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Bloods and Crips
LaShawn Frontenac
Biographical Information
Aliases The Playa
Gender Male
Born January 4, 1970
San Andreas, California
Died April 18, 1992
Los Angeles, California
Affiliation Bloods
Title(s) OG
LaShawn Frontenac was a Bloods gang member who was one of the OGs of the gang. He was a member of Big Jay's set in Los Angeles, and committed the murder of Crips OG Peter Tits in 1990. In 1992, he was murdered by the Crips.

Biography Edit

LaShawn Frontenac was born in San Andreas to Black Panthers activists Jeannette Leticia and Dwight Frontenac. LaShawn became an affiliate of the Bloods gang when he was ten years old, and quickly adapted to gang life. He became a shooter for the gang when he was sixteen, and was known for killing three Crips in a shootout in the basement of an old library. Frontenac became an OG by the time he was 19, which meant that he was a "hardcore" gangster. In 1990, he shot up the bar where Crips original gangster Peter "Tits" Thomas hung out. Frontenac used an MP5 submachine gun to kill him and his bodyguards, sparking a gang war. He spent two years on the run, as gang violence escalated. A total of 100 people died in the war, known as the Tits War. Frontenac and his boss Big Jay attacked enemy neighborhoods, taking them over one by one, thus extending their control over the drug trade.

On April 18, 1992, Frontenac was murdered while making time with his 18 year-old girlfriend Kelly Halligan. He was leaving a TGI Friday's in his blue Mustang when another car pulled up next to him. The car's windows rolled down, and the Crips gunner shot a submachine gun at the car, seriously wounding Frontenac. He exited the car and ran a couple of blocks before being gunned down in front of Porter's Bar and Grill, where he killed Tits. He was hit a total of fifteen times with rounds from the AK-74U that the Crips hitman used, dying immediately. His death was the climax of the Tits War.

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