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Lazaro Ortiz
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1949
Died 1983
Little Havana, Miami
Affiliation Diaz Bros Diaz Gang
Title(s) Associate
Lazaro Ortiz was a Colombian-American hitman and professional assassin who was an associate in the Colombian Mafia, particularly the Diaz Gang. He attempted a drive-by shooting on Tony Montana, an opponent of the Diaz Gang, and was killed in the attempt.

Biography Edit

Lazaro Ortiz was born in 1949, somewhere in Colombia. Ortiz became an assassin back at home, killing people for politicians in their favor for money. Ortiz gained a gun license from one of the politicians, and used this opportunity to move to the more-strict United States. He resided in Little Havana, Miami, where he became a hitman for the Diaz Gang. Ortiz made tons of money doing hit contracts for the gang, and attempted to murder Tony Montana after the death of Diaz-affiliated drug dealer Jackson Hewitt. Ortiz drove his Cadillac past Montana and shot him several times, but his body armor deflected the impact of the bullets and Montana fired back and killed Ortiz.

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