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Wu Lee

Wu Lee, leader of the Lee Triad.

The Lee Triad was a criminal organization led by Chinese Mafia leader Wu Lee, founded in 1994 in New York City's Chinatown in the Dragon's Heart Plaza. Wu Lee ran narcotics trade in the area, and became a powerful crime lord, as his family rose to the top. However, in 2009 his family was eliminated after he was killed.

Biography Edit

Wu Lee 2

Wu Lee ambushing The Lost MC.

The Lee Triad was founded when Wu Lee immigrated to New York City, creating a crime syndicate. He founded the Sum Yung Gai restaurant, which he used as a racket and his headquarters. He hired employees and became a leading drug trader, and his organization grew into a huge mob family. He had extensive dealings with the Ancelotti crime family, whom he traded drugs with, and that was another source of money for the Triad. In 2008, the organization prepared to build a string of rackets in the Dragon's Heart Plaza of Chinatown, but their liquor license promised to them by Rocco Pelosi of the Ancelottis was not delivered to them, and a gunfight broke out between Ancelotti associate Luis Lopez and Triad goons. The Ancelottis killed all of the Triads, and escaped. Also, they also worked with Biker gangs such as the Angels of Death and The Lost MC, accepting the money that Lost MC leader William Grey paid them to send hitmen to murder his Vice-President Johnny Klebitz, but this resulted in another firefight, resulting in more dead Triads.

In 2009, after the annihilation of many of his business partners, Wu Lee fought with the Jaoming Triad. Huang Lee, his nephew, was a member of the Jaoming Triad after the murder of his father by Wu Lee, and Huang and Hsin Jaoming shot Wu Lee, killing him. The Lee Triad was taken over by Deputy Mountain Master Huang Lee, who resumed his father's old regime.

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