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Lenny Petrovic
Lenny Petrovic
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born June 8, 1982
Brighton Beach, Brooklyn
Died May 10, 2008
South Bronx, The Bronx
Affiliation Russian Mafia Petrovic Family
Title(s) Underboss
Lenny Petrovic was an American mobster who was the son of Kenny Petrovic, the Don of the Petrovic crime family, and the most powerful Russian Mafia boss on the US East Coast. Petrovic was the Underboss at the time of his murder in 2008 by the Faustin crime family.

Biography Edit

Petrovic was born in 1982 in Brighton Beach, the son of Russian Mob boss Kenny Petrovic and his wife. Lenny was born in New York City, a full American citizen, and he became a leading figure in Petrovic's organization. Petrovic became the Underboss of the Petrovic crime family, and in 2003, was arrested for grand theft auto, and again in 2006 for assault.

Lenny Petrovic was known for trying to work outside of the family as well, attempting to establish connections with the Faustin crime family boss Mikhail Faustin. However, this would lead to his downfall in 2008. He bought cocaine from Don Faustin, but this made him a liability for the new police attention on Faustin. Faustin, with his state of mind deteriorating, thought that Lenny was working with the police against him, and ordered his associate Niko Bellic to kill Petrovic in The Bronx at a subway station.

Death Edit

Lenny Petrovic dead

Petrovic dead

While waiting at the platform, Lenny Petrovic was approached by Bellic, who killed his bodyguard. Petrovic fled across the tracks and ran down the ramp, hoping to escape to the street. Bellic fired his Micro-Uzi at him as he reached the bottom of the stairs, shooting him in the head and killing him. Petrovic was the son of mob boss Kenny Petrovic, and a made man of the Petrovic Mafiya, and was an "untouchable". Thus began the short yet bloody 2008 Faustin-Petrovic War.

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