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Lester Lloyd Coke
Biographical Information
Aliases Jim Brown
Gender Male
Died 1990
Kingston, Jamaica
Affiliation Jamaican Flag Shower Posse
Title(s) Boss
Lester Lloyd Coke was a Jamaican mobster who was the founder of the Shower Posse, a drug gang that began the Yardies connection in the United States in 1984. In 1990, he was burnt to death, possibly murdered.

Biography Edit

Coke was from Tivoli Gardens, and using the money that he had gained through drug dealing, he participated in the construction of community centers. He married to Bev Brown and had two sons, including family Underboss Christopher Coke. Coke arrived in Miami in 1984, and was arrested in November for the execution of five people with a Pistol 45 in a house, and was known to be a "bad man". Coke led a legal battle from prison against extradition, and he lost, but never attended court in the United States; he burnt in a fire in the jail of Kingston in 1990, ruled an accident, but believed to be murder.

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