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The Little Bay Gang is a Jamaican street gang that is operational in Little Bay, The Bronx. It was founded in 1986, and controls a good percentage of the cocaine trade, alongside the Hillside Posse, Messina crime family, and Meadow Hills Mob.

History Edit

The Little Bay Gang was originally made up of Jamaican immigrants who were part of the Rastafari movement; however, African-Americans and other Caribbean Islanders were permitted to join them. The gang's first leader Philip Princippe was a gangland monster, murdering people for drugs and money, which he used to build up a criminal empire. In 1995, he had 200 gangsters behind him. Princippe died of a crack overdose in 2001 and his Underboss Michael Salem took over the gang. In 2008, Salem's gang was reduced to only a few members after running in with biker gangs. His own Underboss, Bryan Page, was murdered in the attack on his convoy in The Bronx, and his family became weakened. The Little Bay Gang maintained good relations with the Italian Mafia and the Angels of Death, but made enemies with The Lost MC, the Russian Mafia, and the Albanians, another gang that ruled Little Bay. The Little Bay Albanians were the toughest gang in the area, and the Little Bay Gang fought intermittently with the Albanian gangsters. In 2012, the Albanians made peace with the Little Bay Gang, and the Little Bay Jamaicans reopened their drug trade.

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