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Battle of Little Bay
Gang War
Conflict: Mob warfare
Date: August 15, 2008
Place: Little Bay, The Bronx
Outcome: Gambetti victory

The Lost MC

Mafia Gambetti crime family


Johnny Klebitz
Jim Fitzgerald
Clay Simons
Terry Thorpe

Henry Pagliacci


6 bikers

30 mobsters


2 killed

26 killed

The Little Bay Shootout was a gun battle between The Lost MC and the Gambetti crime family, which occured at night on August 15, 2008, which resulted in the deaths of many mobsters.

Battle Edit

The Lost MC bikers drove their motorbikes out from The Bronx Industrial Zone, intent on provoking a gang war that could lead to their domination of The Bronx as well as New Jersey. Capo Henry Pagliacci was in command of the Gambetti crime family enforcers that defended their gas station hideout in The Bronx, where the Lost MC bikers were headed. Only the lights of the muzzles of the guns firing provided any real light, as it was around midnight, August 15. The Italian Mobsters were gunned down until only four were left, but Johnny Klebitz caught fire and was shot as he was burning, almost dying of burns and gunshot wounds. It was a close mobster victory.

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