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Little Jacob
Jacob Hughes
Biographical Information
Aliases Little Jacob
Gender Male
Born August 13, 1982
Kingston, Jamaica
Affiliation Hillside Posse
Title(s) Underboss
"Little" Jacob Hughes is a Jamaican-American mobster who is currently the Underboss of the Hillside Posse of the Hop-Skotch Mafia. Hughes is under the command of Real Badman, who is a thirty-three year old drug lord. Hughes was associated with the Russian Mafia through his connections with Roman Bellic and Niko Bellic.

Biography Edit

Hughes was born in Jamaica in 1982, and at some point in his life there, he met Maxwell Teafore-Davis, and they became very close friends, founding the Hillside Posse under the pseudonyms "Little Jacob" and "Real Badman", respectively.

Hughes and Teafore-Davis immigrated to New York City in 1999, and in 2001, they were arrested for armed robbery. Hughes was arrested two more times: once in 2002 for burglary, and in 2006 for marijuana possession. They continued to build their gang in New York, and made allies with the Torres Cartel and Spanish Lords, while declaring war on the M.O.B. and some factions of their own gang; in 2008, Little Jacob was nearly assassinated by Locust Man, an associate of the Hillside Posse who was in a ruckus with Real Badman because of the drug trade income that he was stealin. However, through his connection with Roman Bellic, he got his cousin Niko Bellic to act as an associate of his, and Bellic killed Locust Man and his three bodyguards at the meeting that took place in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

Little Jacob got into trouble at the Flushing Meadows Park with some drug dealers in Queens, so he again employed Bellic to take care of them, killing three fleeing drug dealers as Little Jacob retrieved the Ganja from their house, and then attacked another town house, before retiring to the Homebrew Cafe, the Hillside Posse's base of operations. They became friends, and they hung out, going to restaurants, strip shows, etc.

Later on, he helped Nikolai by accompanying him to a warehouse down in Red Hook, and helping him in the Red Hook Warehouse Shootout. Little Jacob was returned to the Homebrew Cafe after shooting it out with the Bulgarin crime family and the NYPD, and he continued to hang out with him. He was present when Bellic wanted revenge against Jimmy Pegorino for the murder of Kate McReary, and helped him in the chase of Pegorino to Liberty Island that resulted in his death, and Jacob and him maintained a good friendship.

Jacob gave Bellic several jobs such as delivering cocaine in vehicles to stashes or to dealers, and many times, the Hillside Posse's rivals (Spanish Lords, Russian Mafia, etc.) knew of the location and ambushed him, but Bellic wet them with blood. Jacob gave him ten jobs from 2008 to 2009, when NYPD heat forced him to stop. However, he saw shipments of weed and cocaine come in from Jamaica, especially one dump on May 3, 2008.

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