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The LoSpecchio crime family is a New York City crime syndicate of the Italian Mafia, operating in The Bronx. They were named for Sonny LoSpecchio, the founder of the syndicate, who was murdered in 1968. The family ran craps businesses from Chez's Bar.

History Edit

LoSpecchio founded the family in the 1950s, and he grew to power and fame; people were afraid of him, but treated him like a god. He became popular, and his family grew in size, and he ran business from the Chez Bar, where he operated Craps games. He took future associate Calogero Anello under his wing, as a reward for Calogero refusing to say that he had murdered a man on the streets in 1960. In 1968, he was murdered by the son of the murdered man, who was in turn arrested. Carmine Pesci, his associate, thanked him posthumously at his funeral, for saving his life from the baseball bat-wielding man eight years before in front of the Anello family residence. The family's operations are run by Jimmy Whispers, the former right-hand man of Sonny.

Members Edit

Don-Sonny LoSpecchio

Underboss-Jimmy Whispers

Caporegimes- Albert Attanasio, and Pat Vacaro

Soldiers-Rocco "Girffe" Matha and Frank Caserta, Jr.labron james,cam newton

Associates-Tony Toupee, JoJo the Whale, Eddie Mush, Frankie Coffeecake, Calogero Anello, and Carmine Pesci

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