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Armando Torres, acting boss

Not to be confused with the Lopez crime family.

The Lopez Cartel is a drug cartel that operates from Washington Heights and Inwood in Manhattan, New York City, led by Luis Lopez, but Armando Torres is the more-active leader who aspired to create a new drug gang in Inwood after the fall of the Inwood Gang from power in 2008, using local drug dealers as fronts. The cartel began in 2008 when Lopez decided to make some money on the side of being a bodyguard for Tony Prince, and along with Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas, he raided drug deals and stole the cash and drugs, hijacked drug shipments in cars, helicopters, and boats, and did jobs such as watching over shipments coming in. They are allied to the North Holland Hustlers but are enemies with the Hillside Posse, Korean Mob, Ancelotti crime family, Lupisella crime family, Pegorino crime family, Pavano crime family, Messina crime family, Gambetti crime family, Petrovic crime family, Faustin crime family, Bulgarin crime family, Rascalov crime family, and Spanish Lords, whom they fight in the Drug Wars.

History Edit

After the fall of the Inwood Gang, Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas decided to create their own organization using local drug dealers as their employers for drug wars. The gang had contacts as far west as Jersey City and as far east as Brooklyn and Queens, who paid them for deliveries of drugs that they stole in a series of hijackings, shootouts, and robberies. They were helped by Luis Lopez, who was an associate of Gay Tony and had gotten farther in life than Torres and Bardas did; he was rich as a nightclub bouncer and security guard. The Lopez-Torres Cartel are currently known as pirates who hijack drug trucks and helicopters, raid drug deals, and attack local stash points, taking the product back to the buyer who had contacted them. Torres was believed to have possessed a meth lab, adding methamphetamine to the list of drugs that the gang could have stolen, while cocaine is certain. They are known to have rivalries with the Italian Mafia, Russian Mafia, Hop-Scotch Mafia, Korean Mob, and sometimes, the Spanish Lords, while they are allied to the North Harlem Hustlers, who share Harlem with them.

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