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Frank Lopez

Frank Lopez, boss of the Lopez Family from 1959 to 1980.

The Lopez crime family was a Cuban Mafia crime syndicate that was based in Miami and Cuba, starting in 1959. In 1979, Frank Lopez moved the syndicate to Florida, and he became one of the richest people in the city. He was responsible for drug trafficking, racketeering, murder, loan-sharking, and other felonies, but remained on top because of his political connections and his respect. The crime family turned into the Montana Cartel in 1980 after Lopez was murdered by his associate Tony Montana.

History Edit

In 1959, Frank Lopez, a Sephardic Jew from Cuba, began trading drugs with people in the country, and quickly gained power and wealth. His brother was tortured by President Fidel Castro's regime, so Lopez fled to America and set up his business empire there. Many people became his employees, including not only Cubans, but other Latinos, whites, blacks, and Jews; even some Asians worked for him. Lopez got his revenge in 1980 when he hired Tony Montana, a newly-arrived Cuban immigrant, to kill Emilio Rebenga, who tortured his brother to death. By then, he was the second-richest man in Miami behind his rival Nacho Contreras and was affluent in wealth. However, Montana began making deals for him, starting with Alejandro Sosa. Montana eradicated the Colombian Cartel of Miami, and he also injured the Diaz Brothers, sent to kill him by Lopez. Lopez was killed later on after Montana found out that Lopez had sent the assassins, and his employees were incorporated into the newly-formed Montana Cartel.

Members Edit

Boss: Frank Lopez

Underboss: Omar Suarez

Capo: Waldo Rojas and Tony Montana

Soldiers: Chi-Chi Martinez, Manny Ribera, Nick the Pig, and Angel Fernandez

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