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Lorenzo Anello (1922-1993) was an Italian-American New York City resident who was best known for being the father of Calogero Anello, a mobster from The Bronx.

Biography Edit

Lorenzo Anello was born in The Bronx to an Italian family. When he was a young man, he met his wife Rosina at a dance, and they married soon after. He had one son, Calogero Anello, in 1951. He drove busses for a living, to provide for his family, and bought tickets for his son to see the NY Yankees in all of their games. His family fell into trouble when Calogero witnessed Sonny LoSpecchio shooting a man offending his made man Jimmy Whispers, but he told his son to say "no" to each suspect when detectives asked if the said person was the shooter. He was offered $150 a week by Jimmy as a reward for letting Sonny off, but he refused the offer because he felt that if he got caught, he would lose his job. After he found out that Calogero had made $600 from working Craps games with Sonny, he gave it back and severely admonished him, slapping him. His son stayed away for a while, eight years, but secretly met with Sonny, and Lorenzo found out when he drove Sonny's car home from a date-gone-wrong. Calogero was later beaten by Sonny's men, as Sonny believed that he planted a bomb in his car, and he was held back trying to defend his son. After Sonny died, he made peace with Calogero at Sonny's funeral, and went home with him.

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