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Louis Gravelli
Biographical Information
Aliases "Lou the Trucker"
Gender Male
Born March 2, 1982
Hoboken, New Jersey
Died March 20, 2008
Jersey City, New Jersey
Affiliation Contreras Messina crime family
Title(s) Associate
Louis Gravelli was an associate of the Messina crime family under Jimmy Capra, a soldier for the Volpe Crew. He was killed in 2008 by Johnny Tosca since he was pressuring the Pegorino crime family.

Biography Edit

Gravelli was born in New Jersey to an Italian family. At the age of sixteen, he assisted the drugs distribution business by acting as a smuggler, assisting the Messina crime family, since he needed money badly and got a job as the driver of a racket truck. As an associate of the Messinas, he drove his trucks around daily, and became known as "Lou the Trucker".

Gravelli started to make fatal errors when he pressured drug dealers loyal to rival families to stop supplying their fronts and begin trading with the Messinas. Gravelli was added to the Pegorino hit list in 2008, a task carried out by Soldier Johnny Tosca. His truck was shot at, and he was dragged out of the drivers' seat and shot. The NYPD nearly arrested Tosca, but he escaped.

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