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Mike Maroni
Biographical Information
Aliases Macaroni
Gender Male
Born May 18, 1961
Los Angeles, California
Died June 19, 1992
Los Angeles, California
Affiliation Mafia Sindacco crime family
Title(s) Associate
Mike "Macaroni" Maroni was an American mobster and an associate in the Sindacco crime family. He was murdered in the summer of 1992 by the Grove Street Families, a gang of African-American people.

Biography Edit

Maroni was born in Los Angeles to Italian-American parents whose grandparents came over from Sicily in 1900. Maroni was poor as a kid, and was poorly-educated. Rather than be a hobo, he decided to look for the Italian Mafia, gaining "employment" in Paulie Sindacco's organization. Maroni frequently visited the neighborhood of Los Santos, and in 1991, was attacked by several black gangsters there, killing all five of them with a switchblade.

In 1992, in revenge for their comrades' deaths, the GSF planned his murder. Maroni was spending time with his mistress Clara Malpasto at Pizza Pizza, and was sitting at a booth near the door. He ordered a pepperoni pizza for himself, and was chewing it good when a green-suited gangster shot him in the head repeatedly from outside with a TEC-9 SMG, killing him. An ambulance was called, but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

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