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Mracos Iturriga
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born October 2, 1952
Miami, Florida
Died December 10, 1983
Miami, Florida
Affiliation Contreras Nacho's Gang
Title(s) Associate
Marcos Iturriga was a Mexican-American career criminal who was associated with Nacho's Gang in Downtown Miami, acting as a hitman for Nacho Contreras. In 1983, he was killed trying to murder Burt Lawrence, an enforcer for the Montana Cartel.

Biography Edit

Iturriga was born in Miami, Florida, to Mexican parents Juan Carlos Iturriga and Maria Elizabeta Olvieda. Iturriga became involved with the criminal underworld, acting as an enforcer for Nacho Contreras's organization in Downtown Miami. Iturriga carried out hit contracts under Contreras's orders, and was arrested in 1978 for the murder of twenty gangsters. He was released through Contreras' political connections, and returned to being a hitman for him.

His only task failed was his last task. Iturriga was ordered to put a hit on Burt Lawrence, an important enforcer for Tony Montana's rival cartel. Iturriga and three cars filled with Nacho's enforcers performed a drive-by shooting on Lawrence, but he returned fire, killing several of the hitmen. Iturriga's arm was severed by a shotgun shell and he died instantly. Lawrence was killed by another gunman.

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